Opossums, originally discovered and named in Virginia, are natural scavengers that like to eat garbage, pet food, garden crops and even bird seed. These nocturnal creatures are prevalent throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the rest of the DC area. Opossums thrive among humans and can eat almost anything. Although surprisingly intelligent, they are timid and slow, and can play dead when captured or startled as a defensive measure.

Opossums are known to enter homes to find food and shelter, especially as the weather cools down. While generally harmless to humans, opossums can become aggressive and will kill small animals including puppies and kittens. They can also be a danger to poultry, domestic birds, and game birds. Not known for their hygiene, opossums often carry fleas and can carry a whole host of diseases.

Signs of an Opossum Problem

Because opossums are nocturnal, you can have an opossum problem without actually sighting one. If you have a dog door in your home, you may even find an opossum in your house. While these creatures are smart enough to find their way in through a dog door, they often cannot find their way back out. During the day, you might see an opossum under your porch or deck, in a brush pile or even in your attic. Other signs of an opossum problem include noises at night on your porch or in the attic.

Get Rid of Opossums

It is best to leave opossum removal to the professionals. These pests have sharp teeth and can attack if threatened. Plus, in many states, opossums are legally protected and there are regulations about their removal. For example, it is illegal to trap and relocate opossums in Virginia. In Maryland, a permit is required to remove opossums from your property.

Connor’s uses humane trapping techniques to capture the animals and release them away from your property in accordance with local ordinances. To prevent their return, we use exclusion techniques including closing off access to den sites like chimneys, attics and porches. We might also recommend special fencing and predator guards to protect gardens and pets or poultry.

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