Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's provides mole trapping and removal services in Virginia

Have you noticed raised ridges in your yard or on the landscape you’ve put so much work into? Chances are, the culprit is a mole. These pesky little mammals can create tunnels under your lawn, which causes serious damage to gardens, landscaping, and more. Virginia is home to three common types of moles: the eastern mole, the star-nosed mole, and the hairy-tailed mole. Although they aren’t typically dangerous, it’s crucial to get professional mole trapping or removal services before significant damage is caused.

How to identify moles

Moles are certainly unique creatures and are active throughout the year. While they are less common during extremely hot and cold seasons, they can be seen at any time. Some of their characteristic traits and habits include:

  • They are typically between 5 and 7 inches long and have a short, furry coat covering their cylindrical bodies.
  • They possess a slender, pointed snout, poorly developed eyes, and are famous for their large, sharp nails which enable them to dig so well.
  • Moles live underground in connecting tunnels and can dig as much as 1 foot per minute, which often results in the above-ground mounds.
  • They feed primarily on insects and worms, but will also eat bulbs, roots, and other plant material.

The damaging nature of moles

Moles may look small and seem relatively harmless, but their tunneling habits can wreak havoc on anyone’s well-manicured lawn. Although they don’t pose a serious threat to humans, they nonetheless need to be handled before they cause serious damage to your yard. Bottom line, they’re a nuisance! That said, it’s important to not try to get rid of the mole yourself. Because the most efficient way to remove a mole is by literally catching it and releasing it elsewhere, it’s absolutely necessary to call in the help of a professional wildlife removal expert.

Professional mole trapping & removal services

Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s knows how frustrating it can be to realize a mole has torn up your yard. Getting rid of moles can be difficult once they begin to burrow on your property. Our management options include the use of repellents as well as animal trap and transfers, depending on the location. We remove moles using humane, environmentally responsible methods that are in accordance with your local regulations. This may include creating barriers around lawns and gardens, or trapping the moles. Our team then follows up to make sure the moles have vacated your yard for good. Call us today to learn more!

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Mole Trapping & Removal in Virginia

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