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Wildlife control

No property owner wants to deal with wildlife inside their home or business. However, sometimes these animals can invade your property and become pests. Ehrlich Pest Control has been providing nuisance wildlife control services throughout Richmond and the Northern Virginia area for decades and can help you get rid of these critters quickly, efficiently, and humanely.

Nuisance wildlife identification

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Raccoon trapping & removal

Opossum trapping & removal

Mole trapping & removal

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Raccoon trapping & removal

As cute as raccoons may look, these animals can cause a lot of destruction. They often make themselves at home in your attic, garage, and storage sheds. If they get inside, they will damage walls and insulation, potentially cause wiring problems, and will contaminate your property with their waste. Ehrlich Pest Control pest control experts will assess the situation, capture, and remove the raccoon using humane and environmentally-friendly practices. In addition, we can help you understand why raccoons came onto your property in the first place and work to eliminate their opportunities to return.

Mole trapping & removal
Wildlife removal, control and exclusion in Virginia at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's

Moles are extremely unique creatures and can cause a lot of damage to your yard. Our region is prone to three types of moles in particular: the star-nosed mole, the eastern mole, and the hairy-tailed mole. Ehrlich Pest Control mole management options include the use of repellents as well as animal trap and transfers.

Opossum trapping & removal

Like raccoons, opossums are attracted to any building that brings them closer to food, and, as omnivores, finding food sources is not a difficult task. They will eat nearly anything, and homeowners often find these animals getting into garbage cans, eating pet food, and living in attic spaces. While opossums aren’t necessarily aggressive, they should be taken care of by a professional. When you call Ehrlich Pest Control, we will humanely remove the opossum from your home, and provide customized recommendations regarding how you can stop future wildlife from returning!

Wildlife control and removal services

Raccoons, opossums, and moles are just three animals that should always stay out in the wild, not your property! Connor’s is proud to provide exceptional trapping and removal services.

Wildlife Control, Removal & Exclusion in Virginia

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