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In a perfect world, thorough termite inspections would be performed before an infestation and damage could be stopped before it spreads throughout a structure. If a termite problem is found early, localized treatments can be used to eradicate the pests. Without early treatment, an infestation becomes too extensive, and termite fumigation may be necessary in order to get the issue under control. Although fumigation is typically a last-resort treatment option, Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s provides termite fumigation services throughout the Northern Virginia area.

How termite fumigation works

When you have your property tented for fumigation purposes, the process typically takes three days depending on the severity of the infestation. There are several things to know about termite fumigation:

  • To prepare for fumigation, you will be instructed to make arrangements to have all people, pets, and plants removed from the home for the process.
  • During the process, the property will be completely covered and sealed with tarps. The chemical gas will be administered and fans will help distribute it properly throughout the house.
  • After fumigation, fans and open ventilation will help clear out the gas, and no one will be permitted until our certified fumigators have deemed it safe.

Benefits of fumigating your property

Fumigating is a highly effective way of controlling termites inside the home with almost always a 100% success rate, and it works well to eliminate other pests at any other stage of life that may be in the home. Even though this method does require you to leave your home, it is by far the quickest way to control an infestation. One of the disadvantages of fumigation is the fact that the chemicals used to eliminate the population don’t work to prevent future infestations. However, this is why our team will recommend an ongoing treatment plan to protect your property from termites year-round.

Professional fumigation services

After fumigation is complete, Ehrlich will determine what the best course of action is to prevent future infestations, whether it be additional soil treatments, termite baits, and other termite treatment options. We are dedicated to working with you to keep termites away from your property for good year-round with our comprehensive protection plans. Give our team a call today to learn more!

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Termite Fumigation in Virginia

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