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Termites are considered to be the most damaging pests. Their main danger lies in the fact that they can cause a lot of damage before even being noticed due to their silent nature. If left untreated, a termite infestation can cause severe structural damage that can be very costly to repair. It’s essential to always call in professional help to prevent, treat, and control termites.

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Signs of termites

Because termites can go unnoticed, it’s essential for property owners to know the subtle signs that they may have an infestation:

  • Termites create tunnels out of mud that are about the width of a pencil that can be seen running along the foundation of your home and sometimes even in your basement.
  • Finding piles of termite feces, or frass, underneath entrances into the wood may indicate a drywood termite problem.
  • Walls may create a hollow sound when you tap on them.
  • Walls may appear splintered or blistered.
  • Ceilings, floors, and doors may appear warped.
  • Piles of wings shed by swarmers and, of course, seeing the swarmers themselves.

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Getting rid of termites always requires the help of a professional. To avoid having termites in the first place, it’s necessary to have regular inspections. Connor’s Termite & Pest Control provides the best termite prevention, control, and treatment services.

Termite prevention tips

The best thing you can do to prevent termites is to receive annual inspections by a professional pest control company such as Connor’s. Additionally, there are a number of things to do that may lessen the risk of getting an infestation:

  • Eliminate sources of standing water in or near the home as well as any moisture problems, such as a leaky faucet or broken water pipe.
  • Ensure your yard has good drainage, avoid excess mulch, and clean out gutters regularly.
  • Be cautious of areas in the home where wood is in contact with soil.
  • Keep piles of firewood or other wood away from the foundation of your home, and eliminate any sources of decaying lumber.

Professional termite exterminators

When it comes to termites, you simply can’t get rid of them on your own. Fully treating an infestation requires a trained eye, and it’s important to continue treating and preventing termites even after they’ve been eliminated. Connor’s Termite & Pest Control are industry leaders in effectively controlling and preventing termites; call us today to learn why!

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