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While most spiders typically do more good than harm, no one wants them taking over their property! No matter where you live or work, there are endless spots for these eight-legged creatures to hide. It’s important to understand when you need spider removal before they develop into a full-blown infestation or a potential hazard. There are poisonous spiders throughout Richmond and Northern Virginia, which is why it’s important to call our expert spider exterminators.

Spider identification

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Professional spider removal

Seeing just one or two spiders in your home is one thing, but seeing multiple every single day is often a sign you have a larger problem. At Ehrlich Pest Control, we are proud to provide exceptional spider pest control and removal services. When you call Ehrlich Pest Control, our spider exterminators will:

  • Identify the type of spider or spiders in the property.
  • Conduct a full property inspection that includes the yard, attached and detached structures, driveway, and home.
  • Treat spider nests outside of your foundation to protect your home during the warmer months.
  • Remove webs from the outside and inside of your home.
  • Seal small common entry points if they are contributing to the infestation.
  • Apply spider removal product discreetly in unfinished basements, voids, and other spider-frequented areas.
  • Place sticky traps on the interior to monitor activity.
  • Create a full report describing the treatment and how you can implement spider pest control for prevention.

Spider extermination servicesSpider exterminators, control and removal in Virginia at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's

Although most spiders are actually beneficial in keeping other pest populations under control, no one wants them overrunning their property. Especially when it comes to poisonous types, spider removal requires the help of a trained exterminator. Call Ehrlich Pest Control today to learn about our spider control plans.

Spider pest control & prevention methods

There are two different kinds of spiders: house and outdoor. While some outdoor spiders may enter buildings through cracks and other openings, others may be carried in on items like plants, furniture, boxes, and firewood. House spiders, on the other hand, have most likely been inside of your home for years. Most spiders prefer hiding in dark and undisturbed areas, and will only bite when provoked, squished, or pinched. Regular vacuuming and sweeping of windows, corners, storage areas, and basements can help with your spider pest control efforts.

Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's spider removal services

Spiders may be a beneficial part of the ecosystem, feeding on other insects, but they aren’t usually welcome in homes or businesses. The majority of spiders in the area are built for the outdoors, and they don’t prefer living inside or around humans. In this area, it is extra important to seal your home or business to help keep spider infestations from occurring. Brown recluses and brown widow spiders are both seen in our region, making it essential to always call in the trained eye of a spider exterminator. Connor’s provides the best spider extermination and prevention services; call us today to set up an appointment!

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