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The Northern Virginia region is home to many snake species, including black snakes, garden snakes, copperheads, and even rattlesnakes. Though they prefer to stay out of the way of people, snakes can strike when provoked or if they sense danger. Copperheads, our region’s most frequently seen snakes, are venomous and can be especially dangerous to young children playing outside. Identifying the types of poisonous snakes in your region is essential to staying safe around these unpredictable pests.

Non-poisonous snakes in Virginia

There are many kinds of snakes that, while not venomous, are important to be able to identify. Some of the most common serpents you’re likely to see in the area include:

  1. Garter snake: Often called a garden snake, this widespread species can be found virtually anywhere and is known to have a diverse diet.
  2. Rat snake: These can grow to over 10 feet, and are typically known to be docile.
  3. Ring-necked snake: Nocturnal and secretive, it is unlikely to spot these shy snakes during the daytime.
  4. Northern black racer: These snakes are dark colored with large eyes, and are relatively harmless.

Copperhead snakes in Northern Virginia

The main type of poisonous snake that residents need to worry about is the copperhead snake, which is especially venomous and can be extremely dangerous if found on or near your property. These snakes have triangular-shaped heads, vertical eyes, and are typically a light brown color, making them stand out from other common snakes in the area that are darker colors. Although they can be found year-round, they are most active between the spring and fall seasons, and prefer sunny areas on trails or even right in your backyard. If you see this type of snake, it’s essential to call a professional who can safely remove it from the premises.

Professional snake control services

Snakes can be a frightening thing to behold for anyone. Poisonous or not, they strike fear in the heart of many and it’s understandable why. Knowing how to identify venomous snakes is important to stay safe in the case that one appears in or near your property. If you spot a snake, it’s time to call the experts at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s. We can safely remove the snake for you, and help you prevent them from ever returning. Call us today to learn more!

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Types of Poisonous Snakes in Virginia

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