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It can be very difficult to realize that you have snakes on your property until the problem becomes more severe. Snakes can hide in confined spaces, and prefer avoiding contact with humans. Snakes do leave behind a few signs of their presence, including shed skins. They can cause damage to structures where they have created their nests, and some types of snakes are more dangerous than others. If you find a snake in or around your home or business, do not try to handle it or kill it yourself; it’s time to call a snake exterminator.

Knowing if you have a snake problem

Snakes are elusive and it can be hard to spot them. However, there are several indications that signal you may have invasive snakes in your yard or property:

  • The most telltale sign of a snake problem is shed skin. Snakes shed up to eight times per year, depending on the climate and the age of the snake.
  • Like most other pests, snakes will go wherever they can find a food source. If you have a rodent problem, snakes are more likely to arrive on the scene.
  • Once inside, they often attempt to find a small, warm, and covered space, such as the area behind your refrigerator or in crawl spaces.

Identifying the snake before trapping

The most crucial step in dealing with snakes is to identify them properly. Because snakes can be extremely dangerous, it’s essential to properly identify poisonous snakes in your area to know which need to be avoided at all costs. Many snakes mimic the appearance of other species in order to avoid predators, and it’s not always easy to identify what type of snake you’re dealing with. For this reason, it’s always best to simply call a snake exterminator. Not only can they accurately identify the type of snake on your property, they can remove it safely and help you prevent future ones.

Professional snake control services

Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s takes pride in providing excellent pest management services, including our snake control, trapping,and removal methods. We safely remove snakes and prevent future snake problems through common-sense strategies, beginning with eliminating the rodents or insects that snakes like to eat. We also use exclusion techniques to block entry points for snakes—which can be as small as a dime—to make it more difficult for snakes to come and go. Our trained technicians can also install safe, mechanical repellents around your building to keep snakes away. For more information, call us today!

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When to Call a Snake Exterminator in Virginia

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