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Snake Control

No one expects to see a snake slithering through their property, and chances are any snake inside your home is just as confused! While most snakes in Richmond and Northern Virginia are harmless, they still belong in the outdoors. Especially because one type of poisonous snake, the copperhead, is common in our region, it’s important to call a professional for snake control services.

Snake identification

Types of poisonous snakes

How to keep snakes out of your home

Snake trapping & removal

When to call a snake exterminator

Common snakes in the area

Thankfully, most snakes in Richmond and Northern Virginia are typically harmless or non-poisonous. For the most part, the following types of snakes aren’t aggressive and do not seek to make contact with humans: eastern garter snake, rat snake, ring-necked snake, and northern black racer. The one snake residents need to worry about are copperheads, which are light brown in color and have triangular-shaped heads. If you notice this snake in or near your property, it’s time to call a professional snake removal expert.

Snake exterminator servicesSnake trapping, removal & exclusion services in Virginia at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's

Snakes can be unpredictable and tricky to trap and remove. For this reason alone, it’s important to call a professional to help remove or exclude snakes from your property. Ehrlich Pest Control provides exceptional snake trapping, removal, and exclusion services.

How snakes get inside

Once inside, snakes are known to hide in small, dark spaces, such as behind appliances or in crawl spaces. Although they prefer to be outdoors, snakes may find themselves inside your home for a number of reasons:

  • They’ve tracked down rodents in or near your property.
  • They made their way through a small crack or gap beneath a door.
  • They were attracted to your shrubbery and tall grass, which provides hiding spots.
  • They were seeking warmth in colder temperatures.

Trapping & getting rid of snakes

No one wants to deal with a snake inside their property. While mostly harmless, they still strike fear in the heart of many people. Especially with the copperhead snake being so common in our region, it’s always best to contact a professional snake trapping company who can properly trap and remove the snake for you. At Ehrlich Pest Control, we also specialize in exclusion services that can help protect your property from future snakes as well. Call us today to learn more!

Snake Control in Virginia

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