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Connor’s has been providing proactive environmentally responsible integrated pest management (IPM) programs for more than 60 years. Our holistic approach results in more effective pest control, and reduced health risks and environmental impacts for your customers, employees or family. Combining inspection, identification and exclusion techniques together with the latest products and materials, we manage the pests you have and prevent future infestations. 

IPM pest control programs incorporate cultural, biological and environmental practices, together with organic products (when possible) and mechanical devices.

Cultural Practices

Cultural practices help slow the rate of pest infestation and include inspection, identification of the pests, monitoring and education. We start with a proactive and thorough on-site inspection to learn what pests you are dealing with, the extent of the problem and which areas of your home or building are affected. After treatment, we monitor your property to proactively spot and address potential infestations*. We also teach you ways to prevent or limit pest problems, through sanitation and other strategies. 

Mechanical Devices

We use environmentally sound mechanical devices where possible to reduce, eliminate or prevent infestations without the use pest control products. Mechanical devices include glue mouse traps, live-catch traps for wildlife and bird netting. 

Biological Practices

Our natural or biological practices include the use of canines and botanical products to detect and treat pests:

  • Canine inspection for bed bugs through K-9 Pro Detection's professionally trained bed bug dogs.
  • The use of botanical products, including EcoSMART products
  • The use of insect growth regulators (IGRs), or products that prevent insects from reproducing

Equipment and Materials

Using the right equipment and materials for every pest control job enables us to target only the infested areas of your building, instead of treating the entire structure. This environmentally friendly approach prevents over-reliance on pest control products and lowers your pest control costs.

Environmental and Physical Practices

To prevent future infestations, we detract pests and eliminate pest breeding grounds through subtle modifications to your building environment. Environmental strategies include:

  • Power washing floors to remove insect-attracting debris
  • Exclusion techniques to seal pest entryways with caulk, foam or other materials
  • Use of landscaping to encourage pests to keep their distance
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