With more than 20 years of residential and commercial fumigation experience, Connor’s Pest Control is the industry leader and innovator. Customers along the entire East Coast rely on us to fumigate items large and small—from buildings and ships to small museum pieces. We have fumigated structures and items across a wide range of industries:

  • Residential:  Homes, sheds, vehicles, furniture, luggage and more
  • Business:  Office buildings, storage facilities and more
  • Agriculture:  Silos (including grain storage), barns, flat storage and more
  • Transportation:  Ships, railroad cars, tractor trailers, airplanes, moving trucks and more

Whole-Structure Fumigation

To fumigate buildings and other large structures, we first seal off the structure by enclosing it in a large tent. A gas treatment applied inside the tent kills all pests and rodents inside the structure. After treatment, the tent is removed and our team uses the latest tools to ensure there is no gas remaining in the structure or furnishings, and the structure is safe. Throughout the process, we partner with you to protect your family or customers and your belongings.

Fumigation for Bed Bugs

We offer bed bug fumigation services for customers who wish to fumigate their entire home. Canine inspections and bed bug heat treatments are very effective for pinpointing and treating the exact location of the bed bug infestation. Bed bug fumigation is typically done as a last resort.

On-Site Fumigation Chamber

bed bug car fumigationOn-site fumigation chambers are used for fumigating a car or other items such as furniture, museum pieces, antiques, and imports. The fumigation chamber is used in many situations to eliminate current infestations or prevent future infestations. For example, the next time you move to a new home save money and leave the pests behind by fumigating the moving truck and its belongings. Or, prevent a bed bug infestation by fumigating your (packed) luggage when you return from a visit to a foreign country. 

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