I am very pleased with Mr. Fisher from Connor’s Pest Protection! He gave me excellent tips on handling pest control.

From Randy W.

Thank you! We appreciate Connor’s pest control technician Ron!

From Emily C.

Dear Mr. Connor, This is just a letter to commend you and your pest control staff and particularly Raymond Taylor. We recently had two separate squirrel infestations. Raymond showed extreme interest and desire to help us with the pest control problem. He made a number of trips to make certain everything was progressing well. He stopped during his free time on at least one occasion to check on the progress. Most important to a customer, each time he told us he would come to the house, he was there, and on time. This is so important to one awaiting on someone who is doing some work. His demeanor is one of cheerfulness at all times. You are to be commended to have a staff such as this. I wanted to call your specific attention to Raymond with this letter. Actually today Robert was with Raymond to evaluate the roof and although this was only his second visit, he should be commended too, appearing to have the same qualities.

From James C.

I would like for Connor’s to know that I am so happy with Raymond, and the excellent pest control job he does taking care of my home!

From Lisa D.

Jeanette came to my house today and I thought she did an outstanding job, very thorough. I was impressed, so I’m glad to have her as my Connor’s Pest Control representative as we go on from here. She did a great job, I appreciate it.

From Mr. French

“Max is wonderful, just fabulous!”

From Patricia G.

Fabian, who is just wonderful at his job, came by this morning…. Please give this guy a raise, he has been persistent and very helpful.

From Mary M.

The man who comes to our house is the best representative Connor’s Pest Control could have! His name is “Charlie” or “Chuck” and he is the main reason we are extending our premier pest program another year. I would love to see him rewarded somehow.

From Sandy & Chuck

Of all the three different pest control companies that I have used over the years, and including the last two pest control technicians from Connor’s, Tyrone Smith was so attentive and thorough in treating my house! I was so impressed with him I just had to call to let Connor’s Pest Protection know. Great job Tyrone!

From Paula F.

Tyrone is an excellent pest control technician. He is very customer-service oriented. Good employee!

From Ronald P.


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