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It’s understandable why homeowners may be worried about chemical-based pest control services. At Connor’s Termite and Pest Control, we are proud to use Integrated Pest Management, which means you’ll always receive the safest, most pet-and-family friendly pet control solutions. Because thermal pest control is considered to be one of the safer methods of pest treatment, we’re proud to offer it as a part of our IPM practices!

How does thermal pest control work?

Thermal pest control is safe and effective, and involves increases or decreases in temperature to eradicate and control pests. The basic process is as follows:

  1. Special thermal protective blankets are placed over items that might be damaged by temperature changes, like pianos, electronics, and vinyl windows.
  2. Our expert thermal pest control technicians set up tarpaulins to control cold air or heat in a targeted area.
  3. Probes are placed into the wooden structure at several points to measure temperature.
  4. Special air heaters/ducts pump cold or hot air into the area.
  5. The temperature within the room or area is carefully monitored.
  6. The process can take between four to six hours, or until the core temperature of the thickest wood reaches 130 degrees for a full hour.
  7. After the thermal treatment is complete, all of the equipment is removed, and a final inspection is done by one of the team members at Connor’s.

What pests are eliminated with thermal control?

There are many pests that can be completely removed through intense heat or cold treatments, including termites, dust mites, rodents, cockroaches, powderpost beetles, and bed bugs. Thermal pest control is one of the most effective treatments for bed bugs and powderpost beetles, seeing as these pests tend to hide in the tiniest of cracks. It’s important to eliminate wood-destroying insects like powderpost beetles or termites as soon as possible once they are discovered, as these pests in particular can cause considerable structural damage to your property.

Major benefits of thermal pest control

  • It’s safer: Because there aren’t any pesticides involved in thermal heat control, your family and pets won’t experience any side effects that may be involved in more chemical treatments.
  • It’s more effective: Pests love to hide in the tiniest cracks and crevices in your property, and thermal treatments can get into the cracks that chemical treatments often miss. When the right temperature is maintained, all stages of a pest’s life cycle can be eliminated. Repeat pest treatments are less necessary and there’s a better chance of permanently maintaining a pest-free environment.
  • It works faster: If you choose a chemical treatment, you and your family may have to vacate the premises for three or more days. If you choose thermal treatment, you can return to your home on the same day!
  • It requires less preparation: While there are still measures that need to be taken to protect your home, preparation for a thermal treatment is far less extensive.
  • It’s eco-friendly: Due to its lack of chemicals, thermal treatment is completely eco-friendly! It’s the safer choice for everyone involved.

Is thermal pest control right for you?

With thermal pest control, there’s no need to worry about chemical side effects or residue, and thermal treatment generally takes place in a single session. It’s quick, efficient, and effective! Connor’s Termite and Pest Control has been providing the Washington D.C. area with residential and commercial pest control services, including thermal pest control, since 1973. Call us today to learn about our IPM practices and thermal pest control!

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