Property management Pest Control in Virginia by Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's

If you work in property management, you’re responsible for seeing through endless tasks day in and day out to keep your tenants happy and your building healthy. You’re in charge of budgeting, lease agreements, tenant issues, maintenance problems, and more, so it’s understandable why regular property management pest control can get pushed under the rug. Unfortunately, neglecting regular pest control can lead to numerous pest problems for your property.

Taking good care of the building you manage is complex, which is where Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s steps in! Rather than waiting to enlist our help after an infestation occurs, it’s important to invest in preventative services to protect your property and tenants from pests in the first place. We can help protect your property from termites, ants, wildlife, and more all year long.

Qualified & effective pest management for property managers

Ever since our founding in 1944, our team has been dedicated to developing a special pest control program designed specifically for multi-unit buildings. Our experience working with property managers has allowed us to learn precisely how to achieve effective pest control on a large scale: regular maintenance, inspection, and prevention are key factors when it comes to keeping buildings pest-free.

Ehrlich is also an industry leader for new pest control technology, and Integrated Pest Management is the cornerstone of our success as a company. We work together with you and your maintenance personnel to provide comprehensive, safe, and effective property management pest management.

Reliable property management pest control

The best time to deal with pests is before an infestation happens. Our Integrated Pest Management program is focused on preventing pests, rather than dealing with them after they appear. By focusing on preventative services, we can identify and eliminate the conditions that create pest infestations.

Our IPM pest control program incorporates cultural, biological, and environmental practices, together with organic products (when possible) and mechanical devices. Property management is complex and intricate, which is why you should rely on Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s to handle your pest management for you. Call us today to learn more!

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Property Management Pest Control in Virginia

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