Wasps & Hornets

Wasps and hornets, which are often mistaken for each other, can strike fear in homeowners and trigger life-threatening reactions in those who are allergic to stings.

Though they appear similar, wasps and hornets differ in their habits and how they build their nests. Whereas wasps can be incredibly aggressive, most hornets are only hostile towards humans when they feel threatened.

The DC region has many types of wasps and hornets, which may be present from April through October. These include yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets, cicada killers, and ground bees.

Signs of a wasp or hornet problem

Social wasps, which include yellow jackets and baldfaced hornets, have large colonies and build nests for the queen to lay her eggs. These nests are typically found alongside garages, roofs, or inside walls. Solitary wasps, on the other hand, do not form colonies and often build their nests in wood or soft piles of soil.

How do you get rid of wasps or hornets?

At Connor’s, we use humane common-sense techniques for wasp & hornet control and to prevent future infestations. We begin with an inspection to identify where and how wasps & hornets are entering your building, and then we will remove the pests using humane techniques.

To prevent future infestations, we use exclusion techniques to seal entry ways. We also help identify and secure any potential food sources inside and outside to detract the wasps & hornets from returning. We’ll also clean up any mess that the wasps & hornets may leave behind, and clean up and sanitize the infested areas.

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