While harmless to humans, silverfish can cause significant damage to household items. Silverfish feed on paper, fabric, books and starchy, dry food items. Their strong jaws can even eat away at book bindings and wallpaper.

Silverfish are a year-round nocturnal pest. They thrive in cool, moist areas including basements, under sinks and undisturbed storages areas. Silverfish may also take up residence behind walls and under baseboards, making them especially difficult to eliminate.

Silverfish are commonly brought into the home through paper, clothing or furniture and rapidly multiply. Silverfish can lay five to 50 eggs at a time, depositing them in crevices in walls and baseboards. Adult silverfish can live for two to three years – and can survive for up to a year without food.

Signs of a Silverfish Problem

Because silverfish are nocturnal, homeowners are often unaware of a silverfish infestation until they spot one trapped in a bathtub or sink. Once you spot one silverfish, you will likely find more of these pests around pantries or storage areas where papers or boxes have been stored for long periods of time. You may also spot silverfish behind shelves and inside cupboards.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Getting rid of silverfish starts with locating the source of the infestation. This might even include removing electrical outlets to inspect wall voids. Once we have identified the source of a silverfish infestation, we eliminate it using a combination of exclusion techniques (such as removing old boxes), humidity controls and environmentally responsible products that target the silverfish – not your family.


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