Fluttering around evening lights, moths may seem like a harmless nuisance. Left unchecked, however, moths can wreak havoc on plants, trees, clothing, and stored food items. Most moths in the DC area appear in late spring and complete their lifecycles by fall.

Signs of a moth problem

You may not notice a moth problem in your home until you see damage to clothing, carpets, food items, or vegetation. Certain moths are drawn to wool products and can feed underneath a rug for quite some time without being noticed.

In recent years, the DC area has seen an influx of gypsy moths, which cause significant damage to tree leaves, bark, and garden vegetables. Infestations of gypsy moths can wipe out crops and trees and elimination must be approached holistically.

How do you get rid of moths?

Moth control must be tailored to the specific type of moth, and is best left to the professionals. Eliminating moth infestation requires finding the source, and even if the damage is in a kitchen or closet, the moths may be living in a garage, attic, or other storage area.

No matter the type of moth problem that you are facing, Connor’s knows how to eliminate the pests using environmentally responsible products that target moths at every stage of their lifecycle.

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