The arrival of warm weather is an exciting time in the DMV area – flowers, trees, and wildlife all awaken from their winter’s slumber, and local parks and trails suddenly become centers of activity. However, this also means the arrival of mosquitoes, which is enough to drive even the most avid outdoor enthusiast to seek shelter.

At Connor’s Pest, we believe that everyone should have the right to enjoy the outdoors without having to fear the bite of these annoying winged pests. With the right know-how – and a little bit of help from the experts – you can make sure your property is a pleasant place to be all year long.

How Do You Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Virginia?

Mosquitoes can breed very quickly, but once they become adults, they don’t travel far from their spawning grounds. Most will stay within a few miles of home, so your best bet to eliminate mosquitoes from your property is to get rid of any standing water nearby. Female mosquitoes only need an inch of standing water in which to lay their eggs, which is why you need to be diligent about taking the following steps, especially after it rains:

  • Empty out saucers for flower pots and cover rain barrels
  • Get rid of old tires or trash that could collect water
  • Clean rain gutters to remove blockages
  • Frequently change the water in birdbaths, and stock ornamental ponds with fish that eat mosquito larvae

If you’d like to repel mosquitoes naturally, try planting flowers and herbs nearby that mosquitoes are known to hate, like lavender, basil, citronella, and marigolds. Of course, natural methods can only do so much; if you have a severe mosquito problem and you need it fixed fast, you should call on the mosquito abatement experts at Connor’s Pest Control.

Learn more about mosquito habits and how to protect yourself from bites by checking out the infographic below.

Fly-By Facts About Mosquitos




Effective, Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control in Virginia from Connor’s Pest

Give your family a break from irritating mosquitoes and enjoy more time outside with an effective mosquito home and yard treatment from Connor’s Pest Control.  We only use environmentally responsible mosquito spraying technology and all-natural products (no mosquito bombs) that target mosquitoes – not people or pets. To prevent future infestations, we will also identify and eliminate potential mosquito breeding areas around your home.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our mosquito abatement services:

  • Environmentally responsible products
  • Elimination of potential breeding grounds to prevent future infestations
  • Proven effective mosquito treatments
  • Affordable pricing 

Prepare for a special outdoor event with a one-time mosquito treatment or protect your family and guests throughout mosquito season with a monthly program. To schedule your free, no-obligation mosquito inspection, call us at (703) 321-0400 or schedule online today.

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