Crickets are a common nuisance in our area and are most often seen in the fall. They primarily eat plant material and insects, but they have been known to cause noticeable damage to clothing, furniture covers, wallpaper, leather, and even rubber.

Signs of a cricket problem

Crickets primarily live outdoors, but sometimes live in damp, moist indoor areas like garages and basements. Crickets feed at night and are less active during the daytime. You can usually tell that you have a cricket problem if you see crickets or hear their distinctive mating calls at night. In garages and basements, you may notice cricket feces or damage to items like curtains and other linens.

How do you get rid of crickets?

Since crickets primarily live outdoors, simply getting rid of crickets inside the home is only one part of controlling the problem. We use environmentally responsible products for cricket control, both indoors and outdoors. We also inspect the exterior of your property for hard-to-find cricket entryways, and use exclusion techniques to prevent future cricket problems.

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