Bed Bugs

No matter how nice or clean a bedroom looks, it could be infested with bed bugs! Bed bugs live anywhere people sleep, including homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, and even boats. They quietly feed on human blood and leave behind itchy red bumps on your skin. We know you don’t want these guys sharing your bed.

Signs of a bed bug problem

The tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation are the itchy red bites, but finding them is another story. Bed bugs like to hide in bedroom walls, mattresses, carpets, and other small places, making them difficult to detect and even harder to kill. While our bed bug experts know what to look for and where in your home to look, visual detection isn’t the most effective option.

For bed bug detection, dogs are our best friends. Bed bug dogs detect odors 10,000 times better than humans and use their strong sense of smell to quickly find bed bugs wherever they hide. The precision of K-9 inspections enables us to focus treatment only on the problem areas, which means lower costs and less disruption of your space.

How do you get rid of bed bugs?

Our approach is to effectively kill bed bugs with minimal disruption to your home, building, or business. After a thorough bed bug inspection, we recommend a customized bed bug treatment plan utilizing either heat, conventional steam, or fumigation.

Heat treatment involves the application of extreme heat to kill bed bugs. Our specially designed heat-generating equipment creates and maintains a precise high temperature that bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive.

Steam treatment involves applying steam over a minimum of three intensive treatments, usually scheduled two weeks apart.

Fumigation is the most aggressive and effective treatment option. During fumigation, the building is secured in a gigantic plastic tent and the entire interior is treated with Vikane. Because of its higher cost and significant planning and preparation, we only recommend fumigation for the most problematic infestations.

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