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Mosquitoes are serious pests that are capable of causing physical reactions and even diseases. The itchiness and redness that comes with mosquito bites are more than a slight inconvenience, because mosquitoes also carry a lot of vector-borne diseases like Zika, dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and elephantiasis. This is why homeowners should learn how to prep their house for mosquito season each and every year.

When do mosquitoes become a problem?

Mosquitoes typically become active during the warmer months of the year, which is why they’re often seen in the summer. In general, the mosquito season starts during early spring and peaks over the summer. Mosquito populations will thin out in fall, and they may disappear entirely for a couple of months before early spring again. The best time to implement control issues is during winter, when populations are at their lowest. This ensures that when summer hits, you and your family are prepared!

3 ways to prep your house for mosquito season

The best way to eliminate a potential mosquito problem before it begins is to inspect your home’s exterior.

  1. Check every area for things that can hold standing water.
    • Be wary of leaving out containers that could hold water after rain.
    • Empty buckets, folded tarpaulins, disregarded canvas sheets, pet food bowls, and birdbaths are the usual suspects for mosquito breeding grounds.
    • If you have ponds in your landscape, consider putting in frogs or fish, both of which love eating mosquitoes.
  2. Check the eaves, roof gutters, and plastic drain pipes in your home.
    • Remove any leaves and twigs that may clog them up and cause water to collect.
  3. Install tight-fitting screens all over the doors and windows of your house.
    • Remember to regularly repair loose or torn screens.

Professional mosquito control services

Some mosquitoes seem to be more tenacious than others, and dealing with this pesky insect can be frustrating or even dangerous for your family. If you are hoping to prevent mosquitoes from becoming an issue in your yard this summer, the time for preventative services is now! Call Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s to learn more about our mosquito control services or to set up an appointment today!

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How to Prep Your House for Mosquito Season in Virginia

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