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Mosquito exterminators  – Control – Abatement

Of all the insects on earth, mosquitoes may very well pose the greatest threat to human health. There are a number of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as malaria, west nile virus, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue fever, and encephalitis, all of which remain a serious threat to people everywhere. Even as a nuisance biter, they can have a major negative impact on a local economy by inhibiting recreational or work environments.

Mosquito identification

Preventing mosquitoes

Mosquito repellents

Prep your house for mosquito season

What are Chikungunya & West Nile viruses?

Mosquito bite prevention & treatment

Preferred mosquito habitat

Mosquitoes need standing water in order to reproduce and lay eggs. Female mosquitoes will use any standing water available, which is why they can be found in a number of places, including:

  • Old tarps
  • Tree holes
  • Birdbaths
  • Clogged gutters
  • Garbage receptacles
  • Window wells
  • Swimming pool covers

Mosquito exterminators serviceMosquito exterminators, control and abatement in Virginia at Connor's Termite & Pest Control

Mosquito prevention and elimination takes a lot of effort and always requires a trained eye. Connor’s uses a number of treatments proven to control existing mosquitoes as well as prevent future ones.

Preventing mosquitoes & mosquito bites

The easiest first step toward preventing mosquitoes from breeding is to eliminate any and all standing water sources within or around your property. Other prevention tips include making sure your windows and doors are properly sealed to keep mosquitoes out of the home, planting lavender or lemongrass to naturally prevent them, and cutting lawns and shrubbery to remove their hiding places. To ward off a mosquito bite, avoid going outside at dusk without covered clothing and insect repellent.

Professional mosquito control services

Sometimes prevention tips are not enough, and a mosquito infestation gets out of control. Eliminating mosquitoes can be a complex and lengthy process, and should be modified to fit an individual home or business. At Connor’s the products we use are recommended for use around people, pets, and plants with confidence. Call us today to learn how we can keep you mosquito-free for good!

Mosquito Exterminators, Control & Abatement in Virginia

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