Pest Control in Herndon, VA

Home to 23,000 residents, Herndon is the third largest town in the Commonwealth of Virginia. And in spite of its proximity to the bustling nation’s capital, Herndon retains a charm felt in neighborhoods like Dranesville and Moneys Corner. These lovely neighborhoods are not only favored by many Virginians, but pests and wildlife too.

Connor’s approach to pest control in Herndon, VA

Herndon residents and business owners who experience problems with unwanted pests have long turned to Connor’s Pest Control. As a local, family-owned business serving the Herndon area since 1944, Connor’s has deep experience with the region’s diverse group of pests, from wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, and mice, to insects like termites, bedbugs, and spiders. Our approach to these pests combines inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques along with the latest eco-friendly products.

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