Pest Control in Silver Spring, MD

Located just inside the Capital Beltway that surrounds the Washington, DC metro area, the city of Silver Spring, MD is a bustling suburb that still retains a big-city feel. With over 76,000 people, it’s the fourth most populous city in Maryland, with an eclectic mix of residents from many different backgrounds. Of course, wherever there are lots of people, there tend to be lots of pests as well. 

When residents of Silver Spring begin to feel the strain from local pests, they call on the experts at Connor’s Pest Control to help eliminate these pesky pest issues. Connor’s is a local, family-owned pest management company that has served the Silver Spring area since 1944, and our trained technicians provide a number of services for area homes and businesses.

Year-Round Pest Protection for Silver Spring, MD Residents

Because Silver Spring has a relatively temperate climate with hot, humid summers and cold winters, it supports a wide variety of pests from raccoons and squirrels to mosquitoes and termites. Homeowners who struggle to keep their property pest-free all year long can take advantage of our year-round pest protection programs, which target up to 32 types of local pests. Both our plans include customized pest monitoring and maintenance, plus unlimited service visits from our certified technicians, making them some of the most comprehensive pest elimination programs in the industry.

When it comes to commercial pest control in Silver Spring, we understand that the reputation of your business is just as important as eliminating the pest problems you face. At your request, our technicians will use unmarked vehicles so as not to raise suspicion among your customers. We also offer other types of professional services to meet your needs, such as fumigation, construction and remodeling after pest damage, and even real estate inspections performed by our licensed inspectors. It’s just our way of providing pest control that’s totally unique to you.

Licensed Exterminators in Silver Spring, MD 

When it comes to effective pest management, we believe in using a customized approach to eliminate infestations without risking the health and safety of our customers and their families. That’s why we specialize in environmentally friendly integrated pest management (IPM), which combines inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques with the latest eco-friendly products to get rid of unwanted pests in Silver Spring. 

At Connor’s, all our technicians are required to be state-registered and renew their certifications every year. In addition, they receive at least 40 hours of field training, giving them hands-on experience with the latest techniques and trends in pest management. We’ll work closely with you to develop custom-recommended treatment options and techniques so you’ll know what to expect during each step of the pest control process.

Don’t wait until your pest sightings turn into pest infestations. For fast, effective pest control in Silver Spring, call us today at (703) 321-0400 or schedule a free inspection online.

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