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Hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfasts have high standards to adhere to when it comes to maintaining a clean and tidy environment. Any guest that checks in to a hotel, whether it be for a night or a week, expects their room to reflect the price they are paying for it. Needless to say, one sighting of a cockroach, rodent, or bed bugs can not only jeopardize your reputation but your business as well.

Especially in today’s age of online reviews, it’s never been more important to get proper pest control for your hotel. Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s has been providing hotels & hospitality pest control for several decades.

Custom pest control plans for hotels

Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s is proud to use Integrated Pest Management, a system designed to use the most accurate solution for any pest problem. We’ll include inspection, sanitation, education, and—if necessary—the use of pest management products in appropriate and tested amounts. One of the most common pest problems in hotels is bed bug infestations, which can spread easily throughout a hotel with guests constantly coming and going. Our service professionals are trained on an ongoing basis in the latest technologies and techniques required to keep your establishment free of bed bugs and other pests.

Successful hotel pest control programs

During each and every step of our pest control program, we’ll communicate with you about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and why it will work. Here are the basic steps involved in our hotels & hospitality pest control program:

  • Thoroughly inspecting and treating any and all infected areas.
  • Scheduling service and visits for maximum discretion and convenience, even after hours and weekends.
  • Using eco-friendly products and methods proven to work in the control and extermination of pests.
  • Providing documentation and support for health inspectors and other government officials.
  • Following up on treatment and making any necessary adjustments.

Our hotels & hospitality pest control services

Prevention and management of pest infestations in hotels requires a cooperative effort. At Ehrlich, we take pride in providing excellent pest management solutions for our clients throughout all industries. When you enlist our help in controlling pests in your hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast, you can rest assured we will be dedicated to keeping you pest-free throughout the entire year.

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