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No matter the industry, pests can almost always ruin a reputation or even shut down operations in a commercial setting. Not only do pest infestations affect the day-to-day schedule of office buildings, food facilities, and schools, they also endanger their inhabitants. Connor’s Termite & Pest Control works with industries across Richmond and Northern Virginia to keep their facilities pest-free year-round.

It’s essential for your employees to work in a safe, pest-free environment. Connor’s works with offices around the Richmond and Northern Virginia area to ensure companies stay in business without the threat of pests.

Few industries are under the strict regulations that food processing facilities are. Ants, rodents, cockroaches, and flies are just a few of the common pests that infest food processing plants.

There’s no need to explain why grocery stores are so attractive to pests. When it comes to working with food-based industries, the key is regular pest prevention services.

Healthcare facilities are constantly exposed to germs, illness, and a steady traffic of visitors, all of which can welcome pests inside. Learn how we keep healthcare facilities pest-free!

Connor’s has a unique understanding of the pest problems faced by hospitals and possesses the years of experience needed to treat them in a timely and efficient manner.

One sighting of a pest in a hotel room can lead to bad reviews and decreased business! Connor’s can help keep your hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast pest-free.

Food safety is a top priority in restaurants, which is why pest infestations are so dreaded. Make sure your restaurant passes food inspections with our preventative services.

Pests in a retail storefront or shopping mall can turn away customers in a flash. We provide exceptional retail pest control services to keep your business up and running!

Treating and preventing pests in schools and daycares requires the use of environmentally friendly methods that keep kids safe. 

Pests can be extremely hard to track down in warehouses and industrial complexes. Our trained team can effectively keep pests out your warehouse or industrial building.

Exceptional pest control for commercial properties

Commercial pest control requires a lot more time and effort than residential pest control. At Connor’s Termite & Pest Control, we know that industries across the board are threatened by pests throughout the year and are proud to offer comprehensive protection plans that provide service any time it’s needed.

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