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Cockroaches are one of the most horrifying and, unfortunately, common pests for a property owner to find. Notoriously difficult to remove completely with DIY treatments, cockroaches breed quickly and spread disease. Visible cockroaches in a business are almost automatic reputation-killers, sending your clients running! If you have a cockroach infestation in your business or home, what can be done about it? Because cockroach infestations can be overwhelming, it’s almost always best to call a cockroach exterminator right away who can take care of the problem in a timely and effective matter.

Indications of a cockroach problem

If you see one cockroach, chances are you have a lot more in your building. Here are some indications you have a cockroach issue:

  1. A sighting is a strong indication of an infestation. Check out other dark and damp areas in your home that a cockroach might frequent, such as under sinks or in basements and crawl spaces.
  2. If you see adult and young cockroaches alike on your property, you have an infestation.
  3. Smelling a foul or musty odor is often a big indication of a major infestation.
  4. Seeing a cockroach exoskeleton or its eggs is, of course, the biggest sign you have a cockroach problem.

Why DIY methods are best saved for prevention

Let’s face it: When you realize you have cockroaches, you want them out of your property as soon as possible. DIY methods simply won’t cut it when it comes to treating an active infestation. Cockroaches only need a few weeks to turn into a whole swarm, becoming more and more difficult to eradicate with each passing day. Cockroaches will consume anything organic available to them, taking advantage of every nook and cranny in your building. For this reason and more, it’s important to leave the extermination efforts to the professionals.

Calling a reliable cockroach exterminator

At Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s, we know how frustrating cockroaches can be. They are notoriously hard to control, which is why we advocate our Integrated Pest Management methods that work to prevent cockroaches from ever becoming a problem in your home in the first place. When you enlist our help, whether through one-time treatment or through one of our comprehensive protection plans, you can rest assured you won’t have to suffer through a cockroach infestation ever again!

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When to Call a Cockroach Exterminator in Virginia

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