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Cockroaches are likely one of the most dreaded household pests. As one of the hardiest insects on the planet, roaches can feed on a wide variety of resources and survive for long periods of time without food or water. Cockroaches transport microbes and pathogens throughout properties that they infest, including several kinds of bacteria, parasitic worms, and many other types of human pathogens.

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The behaviors of cockroaches

Some species of roaches are capable of remaining active for weeks without food and can survive on limited resources like the glue from the back of a stamp. Cockroaches can adapt to a variety of environments but prefer warm conditions found within buildings. These prolific insects leave chemical trails via feces and emit specific scents for swarming and mating, drawing other cockroaches to the infested area. Other cockroaches will follow these trails to discover sources of food and water, and also discover where other cockroaches are hiding. This is why if you see one roach, it’s extremely likely that there are dozens more hiding nearby.

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If you see one cockroach in your home or business, chances are they’re not alone. Don’t wait too long to act and risk a cockroach infestation. Contact Connor’s Termite & Pest Control today and we’ll respond with quick, effective roach control services.

To make sure we treat the problem in full, we will implement the following methods:

  • Determine the type of cockroach
  • Discreetly apply bait gels and other materials in roach vulnerable areas
  • Continue to service your account weekly until the infestation is solved
  • Create a full report describing the treatment and how you can protect your home or facility from further infestations.

Protecting your home from cockroaches

There are a number of things that attract cockroaches, and property owners should take it upon themselves to prevent them at all costs. General preventive measures against cockroaches include keeping food stored in sealed containers, using garbage cans with a tight lid, frequently cleaning the kitchen, and vacuuming regularly. Any water leaks or dripping taps should be repaired promptly, as roaches love moisture. In addition, all seal all entry points to the property using steel wool or copper mesh and some cement, putty, or silicone caulk.

Cockroach extermination services

Cockroach prevention and elimination is tough and always requires the help of a trained technician. Call Connor’s Termite & Pest Control today to learn how we can keep you cockroach-free year-round.

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