This time of year is perfect for all kinds of Halloween trickery. Here at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s, we like to get into the spooky spirit by hanging fake bats from light fixtures and putting giant inflatable spiders on the lawn. But while we’re always up for good trick here and there, if your home or business has a problem with real spiders, bats, and rats, it’s probably time to call Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s.

When it comes to choosing between a trick or a treat, we pick treat! So, in the spirit of Halloween, we’d like to treat you to some of the scariest pest stories we’ve heard in our 72 years of business.

The not-so itsy bitsy spider

When it comes to fears, arachnophobia reigns supreme. 50% of women and 18% of men suffer from an extreme fear of spiders. These eight-legged creepy crawlers can swim, fly, and make even the manliest of men scream like little schoolchildren. Hiding in our showers, under the bed, and in every little nook and cranny, this pest causes some serious anxiety. When hunting, spiders will liquefy their prey by using fangs to expel digestive enzymes and then suck the animal’s insides through the hairs on its mouth!

Thankfully most spiders are completely harmless to people, but just the thought of one crawling on your skin will send shivers down your spine.


Playing a major role in our favorite vampire movies, bats are a scary pest on and off the screen. Not only do these furry flyers have razor sharp teeth to shred prey, they also can consume almost their body weight in food in just one night!

Nocturnal in nature, bats only come out at night and sleep during the day, making it difficult to notice if you even have an infestation. Homeowners may only realize they have a bat problem when they hear scratching and high-pitch squeals coming from inside the walls at night. And if that isn’t enough to give you goosebumps, bats are also known for bringing in bat bugs, which are similar to bed bugs and can bite humans.


Creeping in the shadows or even in your darkest nightmares, these critters have the ability to make just about everyone cringe. While some homeowners or business owners may believe their property is too airtight for any rodent infiltration, rats are known for their break-in trickery. Rats can swim through water pipes, squeeze in small vents, and even remove small barriers with their teeth. And with female rats having the ability to birth up to 10 litters per year, a small rodent issue can quickly turn into a big problem!

However, rodent infestation is easy to spot and can be taken care of quickly. If you suspect an issue, inspect your baseboards for droppings and food containers for holes that rodents may have gnawed.

So, if you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, make sure you don’t have any of these spooky pests show up as uninvited guests. Call Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s today for all your pest control needs!

The Spookiest and Scariest Halloween Pest Stories in Virginia

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