When people see squirrels in Washington, D.C., they don’t think much of them. When they see rats, it’s another story (and with the city’s recent growth, they sure have become a common sight). But rodents come in many shapes and sizes, from chipmunks to garden gophers. They all have incisors that continue to grow, which means every rat, squirrel, and mouse must gnaw on something to wear down their teeth – and your home or business could be a target. If rodents show up, it could spell trouble for your property.

3 Rodent Control Tips to Avoid Damage

Conduct a thorough inspection.

It doesn’t cost anything to inspect your property for rodent damage and potential entryways. Walk around and examine your home or business for gnaw marks, holes, and other damage that rats or mice (or other chewing mammals) could have created. Check for entry points such as vents, windows, doors, and pipes, and seal any gaps and crevices to keep out unwanted rodent invaders.

Reduce the foliage around the exterior.

The shrubs along your home’s perimeter may add curb appeal, but they also provide shelter and hiding spots for rodents like chipmunks and mice. It’s best to keep shrubs and plants at least three feet away from the foundation. In addition, mow the grass and pull weeds regularly to reduce rodent nesting areas.

Be careful where you store food.

Whether you run a restaurant in D.C.’s Central Business District or you own a home in the surrounding suburbs, your food is a target for rodents. Always keep it sealed in a rodent-proof container such as a plastic bin with a tight lid. No matter where you’re storing your food, empty the contents into a sealed container to keep pests from chewing through the bag. Avoid storing pet food outdoors where it could attract various rodent and insect pests.

Rodent Control for Homes and Businesses

It’s important to get rid of rodents on your property at the first sign of an infestation. Otherwise, these pests could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs later. Contact Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s in Washington, D.C. to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection with our experienced technicians. Whether it’s roof rats or field mice, we’ll eliminate the pests and give you a pest-free home or business for the future.

The Gnawing You Don’t Need: Avoiding Rodent Damage in D.C. in Virginia

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