Summer weather and vacations often lead to summer flings, beach romances, and possibly heartbreak. But humans aren’t the only ones finding love in the summer. The warm weather sparks mating seasons between lightning bugs and mosquitos too. With more than 2,000 distinct species of lightning bugs and more than 3,000 species of mosquitos, there is an abundance of diversity and plenty of mates to choose from. Who knew humans and bugs were so similar?

Lightning Bugs

Lightning bugs, also referred to as fireflies, have not moved on to the more progressive relationship trends yet. The fireflies often seen flashing in the air are males, while females hover closer to the ground, observing the males and waiting for one to approach and shine their light on them. It’s as if we’re back at a high school dance where the girls dance amongst themselves until a boy approaches and asks for a dance

As the summer encourages the male fireflies to find a mate, there is always the possibility that summer romances don’t have a happy ending. There are a few reasons males might want to be wary before settling on a partner. According to Dr. Sarah Lewis, female fireflies can be extremely picky. However, not only could male fireflies be shut down by a female, they could be attacked. The femme fatales will often stop in the middle of an active mating session and devour her partner. Not very romantic if you ask me.


Thankfully, mosquitos aren’t as aggressive as some of the lightning bug species. Where lightning bugs use flickers of lights to attract a female, mosquitos entice the opposite sex through the buzz of their wings. Mosquitos harmonize their wing frequencies before they mate, which sounds much more romantic and soothing than being attacked in the middle of a budding summer romance.

Mosquitos not only attract mates during the summer, but they are also drawn to humans. We’ve all experienced a relaxing barbeque in the yard, only to be disrupted by constant itching and swatting caused by mosquitos. If you feel as though you are attracting mosquitos, give Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s a call to safely eliminate these irritable insects with pest control solutions that will leave your family and pets unharmed.

Throughout this summer, we hope you find an enjoyable summer romance where you harmonize with someone and it lights up your life.

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