As a restaurant owner in Richmond, VA, you understand the importance of providing quality service and keeping your customers satisfied. All it takes is one cockroach in the kitchen or the dining area to hurt your business’s reputation. If health inspectors detect an infestation, they could bring a halt to your restaurant until you eliminate the cockroaches. From the Fan to Downtown and beyond, roach control can be the difference between success and failure for your business.

Tips to Prevent Roaches in Your Restaurant

Increase your sanitation practices.

It takes more than sweeping the floor and wiping down the tables and the food-prep areas to clean your restaurant. Roaches can detect the smallest crumbs from a good distance away and sneak through cracks to scavenge in your restaurant. Thoroughly cleaning the sinks, the floors, the appliances, and the waste bins every night is necessary not only to prevent roaches but also to keep out other pests.

Seal and insulate the structure.

Roaches won’t cause a problem if they can’t get inside your restaurant. If you want to keep these pests outside where they belong, you’ll need to perform a thorough inspection of the building. Look for cracks, crevices, gaps, and other areas where roaches could sneak into the interior. Seal the entryways with foam or silicone sealant, and use weatherstripping on the doors and the windows to plug up small gaps.

Inspect the interior regularly.

Don’t develop an out-of-sight, out-of-mind way of thinking. When cooler weather moves into the state, roaches tend to stay hidden in their nests. However, they’re still behind the walls breeding and waiting for the next opportunity to search for food. You should perform regular inspections to look for signs of roaches before they multiply beyond your control.

Prevent Roaches with Professional Roach Control

Having cockroaches in your restaurant isn’t good for your business or your customers – especially in a “foodie city” like Richmond, VA. These pests transmit diseases and multiply quickly, causing infestations and contaminating surfaces in buildings all across the River City. Contact Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s to schedule a free inspection. With our roach control, we’ll not only eliminate the roaches but also provide preventative maintenance to keep them from returning.

Roaches in Richmond: Why Your Restaurant Is at Risk in Virginia

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