Some days as a Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s employee are more exciting than others, as demonstrated by our team out in Springfield, who recently discovered baby raccoons in a house under renovation.  They were called out by the homeowners, who had been hearing noises coming from inside the walls and rightly assumed it was some sort of wildlife.  They made the right choice in calling for professionals because our team found raccoons in a wall void and had to use special wildlife gloves to handle the wild creatures.

"rescuedThe raccoons were extremely young, so our team waited two days for their mother to return, before concluding that the babies had been abandoned.  It was only at this point that we removed the raccoons for relocation.  Our team took care of them, feeding them dog food and using any other resources available to us.  After some research, we were able to deliver them to a woman in Lorton, VA who specializes in rescued raccoons and will care for them until they are able to survive on their own, at which point she will release them into the wild.

Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s Pest Control is committed to the humane treatment and removal of wildlife, utilizing live traps and one-way doors to safely remove nuisance animals without harming them.  If you have a wildlife problem in your home, we can relocate the creatures and employ exclusion techniques to keep them from coming back.

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