Every spring, unsuspecting homeowners discover that termites are destroying their homes. The damage caused by termites nationwide adds up to billions of dollars each year. In one case, a homeowner found termites in a book in their living room. The termites had eaten through the home’s foundation, wall, and bookshelf. The repair costs, including replacing parts of the foundation, added up to over $10,000.

Termites are attracted to a food supply of soft wood like firewood, lumber and other building materials. Protect your home from hungry termites by eliminating the temptations.

  1. Remove any debris from around your home’s foundation and walls. For example, don’t leave piles of firewood or lumber on the ground near your foundation. Inside your house, clear away paper and boxes from against your walls, especially in the basement.
  2. Eliminate sources of excess moisture around your home. Is your foundation wet? This could be a sign of leaky water pipes in your basement. Do you have standing water near your house or on your roof? Clean your gutters and install a gutter protection system to prevent moisture that attracts pests.
  3. If you have flower beds close to the foundation, rake the mulch away from the foundation. You may also want to use hardwood mulch instead of soft mulch.

The best way to prevent termite damage is through regular monitoring and inspection. We offer one-time termite inspections, or free termite inspections for customers who have our year-round pest protection plus plan.

If you’re at all concerned that you might have an infestation, give us a call today to schedule a termite inspection and discuss your options.

Prevent Termite Damage with these 3 Tips in Virginia

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