The Surge of Summertime Cockroaches

Did you know that cockroaches are more active than ever in the summertime? While roaches are certainly a year-round pest, the summer heat encourages them out even more. Here in
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4 Types of Wasp Nests in Virginia

Virginia summertime is known for its sunny weather and, unfortunately, influx of insects! Wasps are a common summer pest, and their activity can be a nuisance when you’re spending time
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Common Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Mosquitoes can cause a lot of frustration for Virginia homeowners in the summertime. They can quickly become a problem in your yard when they find a suitable place to breed.
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Tips to Prevent Ants This Summer

No one wants to deal with ants in the summertime. Unfortunately, they tend to overwhelm homes in Virginia this time of year. If you’ve had an ant infestation before, you
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True or False: Bed Bug Facts

A bed bug infestation is likely one of the most grueling pest problems you can experience. They may not be as dangerous as termites or as destructive as rodents, but
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3 Summertime Wasps You May Encounter

Everyone looks forward to summertime in Northern Virginia. Warming temperatures bring about more opportunities to spend time outdoors. Unfortunately, wasps love the warmer weather as much as you do! There
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Do Pest Problems Trigger Seasonal Allergies?

Springtime in Virginia is something everyone looks forward to each year. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when millions of people suffer from bad allergy symptoms. From a runny
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How to Prevent Mosquitoes

It’s National Pest Month, and the pest season is only just beginning! This spring, it’s important to prepare your Virginia home for the onslaught of mosquitoes in the coming months.No
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