Although there is disagreement whether the stink bug invasion will be better or worse than usual this year, now is definitely the time of year to be on the lookout.  As the weather begins to cool down, stink bugs will invade homes searching for warm places to hide. The number of adult bugs overwintering increased 60% in late 2012 according to the USDA.  If this is any indication, it is reasonable to expect an uptick of stink bugs this fall.  An infested home could easily have hundreds or even thousands of stink bugs hiding in the walls, which makes getting rid of stink bugs difficult.

The extent of a stink bug infestation can vary greatly even between houses in the same area. The USDA is current studying stink bug behavior patterns, and specifically how stink bugs determine which houses to invade. The USDA is seeking volunteers primarily from Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia to help catalog stink bug patterns in our area. Anyone who is willing to count the stink bugs in their house for a month is invited to participate. To volunteer for the study, contact Tracy Leskey by sending an email to

One Stink Bug, Two Stink Bugs, Three Stink Bugs, Four in Virginia

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