Valentine’s Day is here and we are not the only ones celebrating it. Bugs everywhere are finding their mate and falling in love. This romantic season is filled with love bugs that come in all different shapes, sizes, and methods of wooing their crush.

Bed bugs

The first duo to cozy up in the Valentine’s spirit is not a pair you would like to find snuggling up in your bed: Mr. and Mrs. Bedbug. This pair, like one would assume, is not so cuddly. Their mating habits are just as disturbing as expected. When bedbugs mate, it’s a traumatic experience. Since the female lacks a genital opening, the bedbug of her dreams pierces her abdomen in order to mate and begin the process we all hate the most; bedbug reproduction.

Bedbugs, however, don’t typically know who they might be interacting with so some encounters could be, well, awkward. Luckily for them, nature has developed an alarm system to defend against these unwanted embraces. Those who are not mature enough to mate are given the ability to release a certain pheromone that tell those love-struck bedbugs to back off and look elsewhere for a partner.


The next pest that you would hate to find getting busy in your bedroom is in the rodent family. Since mice are polygamous, males often mate with several different females. This means they have one big and quickly growing family. They tend to mate throughout the year and females typically give birth to about five or six little ones. No wonder those infestations happen so quickly!


Valentine’s Day can be the day that leads to the dreaded birds and the bees talk. But have you ever wondered how bees actually mate? Well, all bees go to one lady to grow their family: The Queen.

When a virgin queen flies to a site where thousands of male honey bees may be waiting, she mates with several males in flight. The tragedy of this love story is that the male has two options after starting a family: die after mating with the queen or be ejected from their nest after serving their sole purpose in life. A lonely and sad end to this Valentine’s tale, but quite noble of the male honey bee to sacrifice his life so other generations have a chance to live.


The next pest no one wants knocking at their door has a love that never dies and if you are unlucky enough to have these unwanted guests in your home, be prepared for a long stay. Cockroaches will cozy up in your home and woo all the ladies that come by.

Unlike the previously mentioned pests, cockroaches engage in a courtship ritual to win over the lucky lady. The female cockroach begins this love affair by raising her wings, exposing her integral membrane, and releasing a pheromone that attracts the male suitors. If a male catches wind of her interest and wants to see if the feeling is mutual, he flaps his wings in her direction. If all goes well on this date, mating would commence with the male backing into the female in hopes to begin fertilization. Like mice, this can result in a fairly large new family—that’s why it seems like we can never get rid of them! So this Valentine’s season, instead of worrying about what your pests are up to, call Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s to have them removed. The only love bug that you should be thinking of is your significant other

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