At Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s Pest Control, our elimination solutions are rooted in eco-friendly techniques and products. But what is eco-friendly pest control? And why is it important?

Eco-friendly pest control uses a holistic approach to pest elimination that minimizes risks to people and the environment. In our business, this approach is referred to as integrated pest management (IPM). As the Environmental Protection Agency notes, IPM relies on a combination of common-sense practices and comprehensive information, including the life cycle of pests and how they interact with the environment. When we understand and manage the ecosystem, we can better achieve long-term pest control success.

For most of our customers, this begins with:

  1. Identifying what type of pest is causing the problem
  2. Determining the size of the infestation and the severity of pest damage
  3. Creating a targeted plan to make the environment inhospitable to the pest

Our plans often include exclusion techniques, such as finding (and blocking) tiny entrances in your home or office building that let pests in, replacing worn window screens, sealing cracks or moving woodpiles and certain plants away from the structure of your house or business.

Eco-friendly pest control also means that if we use chemical control (including biological pesticides), we do so only when needed and that such use is employed judiciously. Furthermore, we select products that target the pest while maintaining the safety of other organisms and protecting water and air quality.

In practical terms: If you have termites in your barn, we consider the horses that call the barn home. Spotted a mouse in your kitchen? We’ll use controls that don’t endanger your young children or pets. A few bees congregating around a play area? We may spot spray a few inviting weeds or plants rather than an entire area.

Eco-friendly pest control like IPM helps manage pests in all types of environments, from urban jungles to farms and natural lands. Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s continually refines its practices and techniques as technologies change so that we can effectively eliminate pest problems, minimize risks to people and pets, respect other organisms, and be good stewards of the environment.

Have questions about our pest control techniques? Call us or drop us a note – we’re passionate about what we do and are always happy to discuss our process.

How to Target Pests Without Harming the Air You Breathe in Virginia

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