If you have got bed bugs, you are probably asking wondering how to get rid of them.  There are several bed bug treatment options – some we recommend and some that we do not.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Like most animals, bed bugs live near safe shelter and a food source – in this case, human blood.  Sleeping humans are the perfect target – we are less of a threat and easy to feed upon when we are asleep.  Although bed bug bites may become itchy, the initial bite is painless. Bed bugs can feed undetected and go back into hiding by morning.

Although bed bugs can travel more than 100 feet at night, they usually live within 8 feet of where people sleep.  They are great at hiding in any small crevice they can find.

Homes, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, and schools make great homes for bed bugs.  If you have been traveling, you may have caught bed bugs in a hotel room and brought them home in your luggage or folded clothes.  Or, if you live with someone who travels a lot, they may have caused the bed bug infestation.

How Can I Treat Bed Bugs?

There are several do-it-yourself bed bug treatment options, but we do not recommend them.  Why?  They do not work well and can carry the risk of fires and injury. Some homeowners have even accidentally burned down their homes while trying to get rid of bed bugs using amateur heat treatments.

Bed Bug Sprays and Moats

A variety of off-the-shelf products are available to combat bed bugs.  While they can be effective, there are limitations and risks.  Bed bug sprays, for example, may get rid of bed bugs you can see but what about those hiding in your walls, alarm clock or furniture?  Bed bug moats limit bed bugs’ ability to infest a bed by climbing up the legs.  However, if your bed touches a wall, headboard or night table, bed bug moats may not work.

Bed Bug Inspections

To get rid of bed bugs, you have to find them first. A visual inspection is a starting point, but only a trained professional will know where to look and what to look for.  For a faster and more accurate inspection we recommend canine bed bug inspections.  Your average dog’s nose is tens of thousands of times more sensitive to odors than yours.  Bed bug dogs can detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs, but are trained to ignore dead bed bugs.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Once the source of the infestation is determined by a pest control professional, we recommend professional heat treatments.

Bed Bugs are composed of 95% water, so live bed bugs and their eggs are very sensitive to heat.  By applying a precise level of extreme heat, we are able to kill the bed bugs and their eggs in an environmentally responsible way without disrupting your home environment.

Bed Bug Fumigation

As a last resort, fumigation is an option to treat your entire home. During fumigation, a massive tent is placed over the home and Vikane gas is used to exterminate bed bugs . . .as well as mice, spiders and any other pest in your home.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Virginia

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