It’s finally October, and as the temperature drops we will soon be retreating inside our homes to drink hot cider and eat Halloween candy. But as you take refuge in your cozy abode, it’s important to make sure you know how to get rid of stink bugs and other unwanted pests that may try to sneak in with you!

What are Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are small brown insects native to western Asia that are known for being agricultural pests. In the past two decades, they have become widespread across the U.S. and have caused significant crop damage in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. They feed on leaves and fruit, and are particularly active in apple orchards. Stink bugs also emit a strong odor which they use as a defense mechanism whenever they feel threatened. This makes them a tough pest to deal with on your own.

Why Now?

As the cold weather approaches, stink bugs are looking for places to hibernate during the winter, which often results in them crawling into your home. They often begin nesting during the fall, and may stay hidden in places like walls, attics, or crawl spaces during the winter. Once they lay eggs and emerge with offspring after winter, they may continue to return in larger numbers each year, so it’s important to stop them before they settle in during the fall.

Are People Powerless to these Pests?

No! In fact, there are many ways to prevent a stink bug invasion. Be sure to check your screens, windows, and doors for small cracks or holes. These provide ideal spots for the bugs to slip in, so it’s important to seal these with weather stripping or get a new fully functioning screen to keep them out.

Check your clothes too! Stink bugs won’t shy away from latching onto sweaters, pants, or other articles of clothing, so make sure that you give yourself a look over before walking inside.

Lastly, keep an eye out for stink bugs on hotter days. They are particularly fond of warmer weather so this may encourage stink bugs to emerge from their hiding spots and reveal themselves. If you spot them early on, be sure to contact a pest professional right away.

What if I’m Too Late?

In the event that stink bugs have already infiltrated your home, Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s Pest Control is here to help. We know that having pests in your home stinks, so give us a call for any of your pest control needs! With over 70 years of experience in the DMV Area, we have seen it all, and we are happy to help keep your home pest-free year round!

Hold Your Nose This Fall: Stinks Bugs are Coming in Virginia

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