Happy Halloween: The Best Pest Costumes Around the Web


Robin Mountjoy

October 10, 2015

One of our favorite holidays is right around the corner. This Halloween, rather than focusing on combatting our pest nemeses, we thought it would be fun to honor some of our local pests by sharing the best pest costumes from around the Internet.

Peruse the costumes that we've found, and feel free to share your Halloween pest costumes with us on Facebook.

The Mosquito

man in mosquito costume We thought we were done with these pesky summer insects once the weather warmed up. Have no fear - burning a citronella candle in your jack-o-lantern may keep these pests at bay.

The Squirrel

man in squirrel costumeSquirrels don't typically come out at night, but Halloween is the exception. Make sure to stock up on acorn-flavored candy for your trick-or-treaters this year!

The Ant

adult ant costumeThis perennial pest is nothing more than a nuisance. Just don't be surprised if the whole colony shows up with pillowcases in hand.

The Rat

child in rat costume Don't worry. You can leave anything out in the candy bowl and this guy will be happy. Be sure that you use a solid bowl though, or he'll chew right through it.

The Spider

man in spider costumeNo. Having eight arms doesn't mean you can have eight pieces of candy. And no! You can't make a new home in our cobweb covered bushes.

The Raccoon

woman in raccoon costumeThis pesky trick-or-treater will likely be one of the last visitors of the night. She's one of the more vicious and intelligent pests in our region, so don't hide your candy, because she will find it.

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