Last week, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green shirts, eating green food, and drinking green beer. So, in keeping with our holiday spirit, let’s talk about green, natural pest control.

All of us at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s are committed to combating home and garden pests, but we also have a deep love and respect for the environment and local wildlife. That’s why our pest control solutions are rooted in environmentally friendly techniques and products. In our industry, this holistic, green approach to pest control is referred to as integrated pest management (IPM).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that IPM relies on a combination of common-sense practices and comprehensive information, including the life cycle of pests and how they interact with the environment. We look at the factors that allow pests to thrive in certain areas, instead of just focusing on eliminating the pests that are present in the moment. Through IPM, we provide better long-term pest control by following three steps: Inspection & Identification, Exclusion/Extermination, and Education & Prevention.

Inspection & Identification

When we first arrive at your home or business, we conduct a proactive and thorough on-site inspection to discover the extent of your infestation, which areas of the home are affected, and which species of pests you are dealing with. All of our inspection techniques are eco-friendly and safe for your home. We’ll even bring along one of our professionally trained and trusted canines for bed bug inspections.


We start with exclusion techniques to block pests from entering your home. This process might involve replacing worn window screens, sealing cracks, and moving woodpiles and certain pest-friendly plants away from your home or office. We prefer devices like glue traps, bird netting, and live-catch traps that don’t require the use of pest control products.

If we do use chemical pest control – or pesticides – for exclusion or extermination, we employ these products judiciously. We’ll only treat the affected area, preventing over-reliance on pest control products, and lowering costs.

For many pest treatments, we use botanical products from EcoSMART, which target key neurotransmitters only found in invertebrates. In other words, these products are safe for your family and your pets. We also use what the EPA calls “low-risk products” – which are so safe that they are exempt from federal registration – such as Altriset, Termidor, and Sentricon termite treatments.

Education & Prevention

The last step in our IPM pest control is leaving you with the tools for future pest prevention. We collaborate with you on recommended treatment options, preparations, and techniques to increase your home’s safety and reduce potential risks.

When appropriate, we use environmental strategies to detract pests and eliminate pest breeding grounds. These include cleaning gutters, power washing floors, and repositioning landscaping, all of which keep potential pests at a distance.

Pest control does not have to affect the environment or the safety of your home and family. For the best – and greenest – pest control, make sure that you work with a company that employs IPM and eco-friendly pest solutions. You’ll be pleased with the long-term results.

For more about integrated pest management, check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s fact sheet, check in with  your local Cooperative Extension System, and get more details about our pest control approach here at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s.

Going Au Naturale: Understanding Green Integrated Pest Management in Virginia

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