From an ant’s tale of redemption to a cricket in a top hat, certain pests have made a name for themselves in Hollywood. And while we enjoy watching these critters on the big screen, the warm, fuzzy feelings towards bugs stop there. A-listers or not, we’d prefer they stay outdoors.

Read below to learn more about a few famous pests, and how to keep them on your TV screen and out of your home.

Cricket, Cricket

Jiminy Cricket became one of America’s favorite pests after playing Pinocchio’s conscious. (Such a suitable role, too. In many parts of the world, crickets are thought to bring good luck!) And while Jiminy Cricket’s wise words are still welcome today, his real-life counterparts’ distinctive chirping sound is not.

Though most crickets won’t survive the winter months, some can endure by overwintering. These crickets can be found in warm places like kitchens, basements, and fireplaces. Your best bet to keep pests outdoors is to maintain a neat and tidy home. Be sure to cover your trash bins and throw your trash out regularly too, as Jiminy Cricket and his relatives are attracted to the smell.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

From a centipede to a silkworm, the crew of life-sized bugs in the 1996 film James and the Giant Peach works together to take James to the Empire State Building. While the movie’s cast includes a wide range of pests, Miss Spider is the most relevant of the bunch this time of year.

Real life spiders prefer out-of-the-way places that are conducive to web building, such as corners of floors and ceilings. They come into your home looking for prey through open, poorly screened windows and doors and small cracks in the walls. Keep them out by securing all entryways and removing any signs of other pests around your home.

Oh, Rats!

Remy, the main character in Ratatouille, loves culinary masterpieces. But there’s just one problem—he’s a rat. Despite his unlikely position amongst the restaurant’s kitchen staff, Remy manages to woo customers and critics alike with his culinary talents. As for us? We’ll just take their word for it.

To keep rats (and mice!) out of your home, make sure to clean up after yourselves. Wash dishes immediately after use and store foods in glass or metal jars. Close any openings, such as utility lines, pipe openings, and cracks beneath doors, and keep in mind that most rats can fit into space a small as a quarter.

That’s A Wrap

Pests can be entertaining, cute, and downright lovable in movies. But in reality, they can be nuisances—especially when they invite themselves into your home. If you have a pest infestation, your best move is to call the professionals. Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s offers humane and eco-friendly pest management techniques that keep pests out of your home year-round—so the next time you sit down to watch A Bug’s Life, you can rest assured that your favorite pests are where they belong.

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