At Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s Pest Control, we understand the challenges that pests can present – but we also have a deep respect for the environment and other habitats that might be impacted by pest treatments.

So how do we strike the balance between controlling pests and caring for the environment? We use a technique called integrated pest management (IPM). 

How Integrated Pest Management Works

IPM is an environmentally sensitive pest management approach that includes proper pest identification and an understanding of a pest’s habits and lifecycle to determine the best long-term treatment option.

This means we look at environmental factors that affect a pest’s ability to thrive instead of just eliminating the insects or wildlife you see in the moment. Then, we pair what we know about the pest’s habits and lifecycle with techniques to eliminate it. Those techniques often include:

  • Cultural practices – After a thorough on-site investigation to determine the type and scope of your pest problem, we create a tailored plan to eradicate it – and teach you how to prevent future problems through sanitation and other strategies.
  • Mechanical devices – Devices like glue traps, bird netting and live-catch traps are some examples of mechanical devices that don’t require the use of pest control products.
  • Biological practices – Our biological practices include botanical treatment products, professional canine inspections and insect growth regulators that prevent insects from reproducing.
  • Environmental practices – Strategies like gutter cleaning, power washing, sealing holes and entrance points and proper landscaping create inhospitable environments for pests and encourage them to keep their distance.

With IPM, chemical controls – or pesticides – are only used when essential. When it comes to using chemical controls, we do so alongside the abovementioned techniques, and apply them in a way that targets the pest – not your family members, pets or the environment around you.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Visitors, Safely

Getting rid of unwanted insects or wildlife doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment or your family’s safety. If you experience a pest problem, make sure any company you work with has deep experience with eco-friendly pest solutions and IPM. The result will be a long-term pest management solution that you’ll feel good about.

For more about integrated pest management, check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s fact sheet, check in with your local Cooperative Extension System, and get more details about our pest control approach here at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control: Integrated Pest Management in Virginia

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