As usual, summer has come and gone in the flap of a dragonfly’s wing, and cold spells are already hitting the DMV area. But just because the weather is cooling off, that doesn’t mean pests are chilling out. And although some pests may be preparing for a long nap over winter, some are just getting ready for their big debuts. Here at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s, we want to give you some pointers to help you keep these pests out of your home this fall.

Sometimes It’s OK to be a Buzzkill

Fall is a great time to open your windows and let a refreshing breeze into your house, but be careful because that’s also a great way to let unwanted pests in. Mosquitos may buzz on in and sting you and spiders may crawl through that cracked window to put up cobwebs around your furniture. Keep them out by putting proper-fitting screens on all of your windows and routinely checking for holes that may let the pests in. Remember, rats can squeeze through holes the size of a quarter and mice can squeeze through holes the size of a dime.

Pests are no Picnic

Picnic season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the armies of food-stealing ants have fully retreated. In fact, as the weather gets colder, they may advance into your home! One simple way of keeping your home ant-free is by thoroughly cleaning up food scraps. To humans, these may seem like insignificant little crumbs, but to ants, these are MOUNTAINS of nourishment. Make sure to wipe down surfaces right after you eat so you don’t find a trail of ants bringing crumbs to their new camp in your home.

Pests on Pets

Speaking of mountains, fall is a great season for hiking, especially with all the beautiful trails in range of the DMV area. If you’re the type to take your dog, cat, or any other pet on your hike, make sure to check for fleas and ticks. These little critters are tiny, but they can do major damage. Ticks even latch on to skin and suck blood like a vampire!

They’re also carriers of the Lyme’s disease, which causes chronic flu-like symptoms and fatigue and has no known cure. Keep yourself and your pets safe and check for these little buggers after you go out exploring in the brisk fall weather.

An Unconventional Attraction

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink may seem like a smart way to clean, but it can actually create a paradise for unwanted pests. Cockroaches are some of the most resilient pests around, and they’re drawn to standing water. These pesky cockroaches may not need a fallout shelter in the event of a nuclear missile strike, but this standing water could serve as a safe haven during colder weather. Keep your home roach-free by keeping your sink free of dirty dish build-up.

Connors is Here to Help

With over seventy years of experience in the DMV area, Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s has the know-how to keep pests outside the walls of your home. We offer a full range of services dealing with all types of pests in all seasons. So, no matter what critters the wind blows in this fall, we can help keep your home pest-free!

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