It probably comes as little comfort to Virginia homeowners that most area snakes are not venomous. Yet, almost anyone who’s spotted these slinky reptiles wants them gone as quickly as possible. To avoid the discomfort this pest brings, Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s offers these snake control tips for home and business owners.

Rodent Problem = Snake Problem

Considering the snake’s rodent-heavy diet, the knowledge that a snake infestation is usually the result of a rodent problem can be pretty unsettling. In order to banish slithering reptiles from your property, you’ll need to get rid of rats and mice. Seal off any rodent burrows, then call a reputable pest and rodent control company pronto.

Help Prevent Snake Infestations with Pest Control 

Many of the measures used to keep rodents off your land and out of your home will help keep the Virginia snake population and other pests at bay as well. For starters, rodents and snakes are both attracted to insects. Keeping your home bug-free will help with your other pest control efforts. Over-the-counter repellents and other DIY measures are temporary fixes; professional treatments provide an effective, safe, and long-term solution.

Make Your Property Snake-Unfriendly

Provide a hospitable environment with easy access, and those repulsive reptiles will come. Render your home unattractive to all kinds of pests – including the snake variety – and make it as difficult as possible to get in. The average snake enjoys a cool, dark hiding spot, so check firewood stacks and other wood piles before using; store them as far from the house as you can. Deprive reptiles of hangout spots beneath bushes and shrubs by keeping them well-trimmed. Keep grass cut low, and remove thick vegetation.

A snake can squeeze into a hole or gap as small as 1/4″ in diameter, so keep them away from your home with these time-tested snake control methods:

  • Replace worn weather stripping or door sweeps that don’t reach the floor
  • Seal quarter-inch or larger foundation cracks; put screens or mesh on vents this size
  • Install a snake-proof fence that’s several feet tall and extends well below the ground

The Best in Professional Snake Control

Never attempt to get a snake infestation under control on your own. Our technicians at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s have the training, experience, and equipment to keep snakes and other pests off your property. We provide reliable service to residential and commercial customers in Virginia and Maryland, so contact us for all your pest and snake control needs today.

Control Their Crawling: Keeping Snakes at Bay in Virginia in Virginia

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