Though the weather might not be indicative of it, spring is here. That means insects and other critters are emerging to get ready for their season of reproduction, nesting, and gathering resources for a full house. As they search for the perfect building materials for a comfortable home, their newfound activeness could lead to them invading your sanctuary. To stop critters from entering your home, here are  a few tips to keep in mind while you get your spring cleaning on.

Close it up

In kindergarten, we’re taught caring is sharing. Our food is something we don’t want to share with critters because they’ll keep coming back for more. To prevent insects or even small rodents from setting up camp in your kitchen, make sure all food is contained and put away. Leaving food out, including dog food and other dry eats, can invite critters to come on in. Store it, and save yourself a bug nightmare.

It’s also a good idea to rid your pantries of expired food. Anything that’s been sitting around for a few months could attract unwanted visitors. The same goes for fruit baskets and vegetables that you may leave out on the counter. Addressing your kitchen and pantries should be a main priority for spring cleaning.

Seal it up

Rule number one for spring cleaning: Find potential spaces for unwanted pests to enter and close them off. These places are commonly found near windows, doors and light accents. Bugs are attracted to light fixtures, so keeping those sealed is essential to a pest-free home. Also look for rips in window screening. If you like to keep the windows open for a nice breeze, be able to rest assured our flying friends aren’t blowing or crawling on in and procreating.

Small mammals and rodents can enter homes and garages through flimsy material or tiny openings. Keep in mind that a mouse can squeeze through a space the size of a dime, so no hole should be left unclosed.

Dry it up

Some bugs are particularly attracted to water. Mosquitoes collect around stagnant water, while silverfish and other crawlers make their homes in damp places. Dehumidifying the dark moisture-prone crevices of your home, including the basement, can fight off these critters. Use a simple dehumidifier as a precaution for a bug invasion.

Outside of the home, managing moisture-heavy areas is a must, too. Damp clumps of wood or yard debris, standing water (think birdbaths and even pools), and gutters are breeding grounds for annoying pests like mosquitoes and termites.

Call the spring cleaning experts

If these measures fail and determined pests enter your home, there are avenues to exterminate them and professionally prevent future invasions. Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s can provide you with those pest-control services, and more. Our experts can find the source of your infestation, treat it, and prevent future issues. Just give us a call today.

Complement Your Spring Cleaning With Some Easy Pest Control Tips in Virginia

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