Shake out your tree before bringing it into your Alexandria VA or Leesburg VA home - Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor'sFew things signal the start of the holiday season like picking out a Christmas tree! As great as they small and as beautiful as they are, a single Christmas tree can also contain as many as 20,000 insects! No one wants a pest infestation during the holiday season, which is why it’s important to learn how to prevent Christmas tree pests in the first place. Keep reading for Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s top tips on getting rid of Christmas tree bugs and insects!

What Types of Pests are in Christmas Trees?

There are several types of insects known to infest real Christmas trees, from Douglas firs and spruce trees to balsam firs and white pines. One of the most common Christmas tree pests are aphids, which are harmless to people. These tiny bugs are often found on the lower main branches of a tree and will leave a purple-red stain on surfaces when squished.

Other common Christmas tree pests include spiders, mites, bark beetles, silverfish, moths, and praying mantises. While many of these insects are typically harmless, no one wants them invading their home, especially in large numbers.

How to Prevent Christmas Tree Pests

When you bring home your Christmas tree, the last thing you want to discover is a bunch of insects hiding inside! A few of the main ways you can prevent Christmas tree pests include:

  • Thoroughly inspect the tree. Before picking a winner, inspect the Christmas tree for irregularities, spots, damaged branches or trunk, or signs of pests.
  • Shake out the Christmas tree. Ask the tree lot attendant to vigorously shake out the tree before bringing it home with you.
  • Leave the tree in the garage at first. Keep the tree in your garage or a covered area for a few days to settle.
  • Use a vacuum to clean up. Once inside, regularly inspect your tree, vacuum up falling needles, and, if necessary, vacuum up any pests.

How to Control Christmas Tree Pests

It can be overwhelming to realize your Christmas tree is covered in pests. If the infestation is serious, you may consider returning to the Christmas tree lot to get a new one. It’s never recommended to spray any pesticides on your tree because aerosols are flammable! To learn more ways you can prevent Christmas tree pests, give the pest exterminators at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s a call today.

Bugs in Your Christmas Tree? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them! in Virginia

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