The summer heat may still be here, but we all know that autumn is right around the corner and with that comes new pests. As the crisp weather arrives, many pests will begin to seek shelter in the warmth of homes because they are the perfect refuge for the chilly winter ahead. It is important to remember to pest-proof your home for extra safety from these unwanted pests.

Here’s a list of Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s top five most prevalent pests to watch out for this upcoming fall season!


Rats, mice, and squirrels are all common fall intruders. In addition to breaking into your food storage and carrying diseases, rodents will chew on and eat anything and everything. This means electrical wires, wooden supports, and many more home essentials are at risk. Rodents are also experts at fitting into gaps and holes in the home so it is important to have a thorough exterior inspection of the home.

And with rodents come fleas…


Fleas can be brought into your home with rodents as well as with pets. Not only are flea bites painful and irritating for them, they can also be dangerous and have the potential to spread throughout your home. Additionally, fleas can be very difficult to eliminate.


Ants are small but mighty. You shouldn’t underestimate the damage a few can do to your home. They are known to move into the walls of your home or beneath foundations to escape the cold. Various types of ants are typically found in and around the home in the fall season. The worst of them are carpenter ants that chew through the wood of your home and have the potential to cause foundation issues.


In addition to being the most common pest found in the home during the fall season, cockroaches can also be the most dangerous. These pests have the ability to spread 33 different types of bacteria and cause asthma in children. They are large, fast, and remarkably resilient. They typically hide near pipes or drains making it extremely important for homeowners to keep kitchens and bathrooms sanitized.


Unfortunately, the number and variety of spiders creeping into your home increase over the fall and winter months. The most frequent are the typical house spider, wolf spider, and hobo spider. House spiders are the pests responsible for most cobwebs and can usually be seen around windows and doorways. Wolf spiders are a common pest in this region but are far less harmful than they look. Hobo spiders, however, are extremely long and have bites that can be significantly more painful than most spiders.

Now you know what to look out for, don’t let your home be vulnerable to the pesky pests this season! Call Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s Pest Control, the trusted industry leader, to protect your home from pests this fall.

As Seasons Change, So Will the Pests in Your Home in Virginia

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