Did you know that the all the termites on earth outweigh all the humans on Earth? In the big fight against termites, Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s is leading the way by using advanced technology to help find and destroy these home‐destroying pests.

Inspection Cameras


Termites cause $5 billion in home damage every year in the U.S., and much of that damage goes unnoticed until it’s too late because it often occurs inside walls or in other areas that aren’t usually
visible. Obviously we can’t start drilling and knocking out walls every time we do a termite inspection. Instead, we use high-tech inspection cameras to look inside the parts of your home you don’t normally see.

The cameras themselves are very tiny, and are mounted on long, flexible arms that can wind around obstructions and into hard-to-reach areas. Our inspection cameras also help find rodents or other critters that sometimes get trapped in walls.

Moisture Monitoring

"CrawlToo much moisture and dampness in your home puts you at risk for pests, termite damage, mold, mildew and a host of other issues. The US Environmental Protection Agency, American Lung Association and American Medical Association recommend maintaining relative humidity levels of 50% or less in your home.

We use moisture monitors to determine specific moisture levels and find areas where termites are likely to attack. This picture shows a moisture reading in a home infested by termites. The first indication of termites is the appearance of tiny pinholes that the pests drilled in the wall for access. Our moisture meter verified that humidity levels are high (53%) in this part of the wall, which makes this area conducive to termite activity.

Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s also uses moisture monitors when encapsulating dirt crawl spaces or basements to protect the homes from mold, mildew and other dampness‐related problems. Our trained technicians use these electronic moisture meters to help find problem spots and monitor the success of the job.

Thermal Imaging


Thermal cameras take pictures that show temperatures – hot or cold areas – inside of walls. Since termites and most pests give off heat, it’s easy to spot them through thermal photography. As you can see, we even took a photo of Cricket, our K-9 bed bug detection expert, relaxing after a bed bug inspection.

Our inspectors often use thermal cameras to find areas of pest activity that would not be visible otherwise. The two pictures below show hidden termite activity behind the wall in a client’s house. We had mounted a termite bait box on the wall and used infra-red photography to monitor the treatment’s effectiveness. The photo shows heavy termite activity behind the wall near the bait box, which means the bait was definitely doing its job of attracting and killing the termites.


Our inspectors also use thermal imaging cameras to find birds, squirrels or other critters in your walls. We can also use the cameras to show you the cold spots in your walls where insulation is lacking, and assess if you have crawl space encapsulation needs. Our inspectors may not be super heroes, but with cameras like this they practically have x‐ray vision.

Advanced Technology in the Fight against Termites in Virginia

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